The history of Adam & Eden

The building was built in 1887 and opened its prestigious doors for the high society of the Mainz area. Since then, various influences and elements have been used and hosted here. Read more

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Who are Adam


In no time, Max became a central member of our team and is a real stroke of luck due to his attentive and balanced manner. He is always ready to take action and gives our guests pleasure with his open-mindedness.


With his Mediterranean flair, Marly always brings a touch of exoticism with him, which he also integrates into his cooking. With his sense of humour, he is an ingenious catch for the kitchen team as well as for the guests of “Adam & Eden”.


Daniela is the only female cook in the team but that doesn’t stand in her way. Her hard work and pleasant nature make her a amazing colleage.


This goal-oriented cook knows what he wants and infects everyone with his long-lasting and indescribable good mood. Daniel lives out his creative streak in cooking with us in the “Adam & Eden” as well as in his own four walls.

& Eden?

Meeting space

Both our meeting rooms have their very own atmosphere. It provides enough space for a startup, as well as the seasoned businessman. Come on over and see for yourself. We are always happy to show you the rooms.

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